How to use Pages on your PLATO School Website

Mar 2, 2023 | 2. The Basics

How to log in to your PLATO School Website CMS.

Step 1.

On any page of your website scroll down to the footer of the page and click “ADMIN LOGIN”

Step 2.

When the login screen appears enter your username (can be your email address) and password. If you do not have these yet you can request them from your project manager at Blue Apple Education –

Welcome to the 1st step of your PLATO website CMS, loging in!

Step 1.

In your dashboard click on Pages.

Step 2.

PLATO uses a hierarchichal page sorting system, where child pages should be ordered under it’s parent pages. It features a “drag and drop” functionality where you can order pages by dragging them to the desired positions, indenting child pages.

!!IMPORTANT!! The main navigation reflects the order of the Pages dashboard.

Step 3.

On hovering pages will display additional options:

  • Clone
  • Quick Edit
  • View
  • Delete
  • Additional options (the 3 dots)

Deleted pages are moved into the Trash and can be recovered as Drafts if necessary

Step 4.

Quick Edit will bring up a prompt with furter options:

The first tab, Page, allows changing Title, Slug, publishing Date, Author, Status (Published, Draft, Scheduled or Pending Review), Template (do not change) and Password protected or Private page (only logged in users can view)

The second tab, Menu, allows changing Navigation Label, hiding the page in navigation, or make the main navigation link open in a new tab. Additional options are for developer use only.

Step 5.

The 3 dots allows for additional options:

  • Add child link
  • Add child page
  • Add a new page before
  • Add a new page after
  • Clone

Step 6.

To add a page click Add New and it will take you to the new page editor.

Additionally you can click Add Multiple and to add multiple pages in one time.

Step 7.

To add a an external link click Add Link and you can select additional options, can also be used for repeating links, for example to add a link to “Contact Us” under “About Us”.

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