How to add a policy to your PLATO School Website

Mar 8, 2023 | 3. Moving On

How to log in to your PLATO School Website CMS.

Step 1.

On any page of your website scroll down to the footer of the page and click “ADMIN LOGIN”

Step 2.

When the login screen appears enter your username (can be your email address) and password. If you do not have these yet you can request them from your project manager at Blue Apple Education –

Upload, update and manage your PLATO School Website policies easily in the cloud.

Step 1.

In your dashboard click on Policies.

Step 2.

A new window will open on your school’s Google Drive were you can upload, delete, rename or update policies.
!!important!! File names will reflect on the website!

Step 3.

Adding Google Drive folders to pages:
a. create folders and add documents in google drive.

Step 4.

Add the Google Drive Module in the desired page.

In the following prompt select Configure Module

In the following modal select the Module (file browser for documents and general purpose, Gallery for image and video gallery, etc…)

In the Content tab cycle to the desired folder to display.

In the Layout tab select List View and disable the following options to match the website styles:

  • Allow switching between views
  • Show file extension
  • Show file size
  • Show last modified date

Click Save and publish/update the page

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