How to request an update on your PLATO School Website

Feb 24, 2023 | 1. Getting Started

Log in to your school website.

Step 1.

On any page of your website scroll down to the footer of the page and click “ADMIN LOGIN”

Step 2.

When the login screen appears enter your username (can be your email address) and password. If you do not have these yet you can request them from your project manager at Blue Apple Education –

Requesting a support ticket.

On your Dashboard, you will see a panel called Website Support. Click on the blue button that says CLICK FOR SUPPORT.

This will open up a new window to log in to your Website Support account. Enter your username and password.

This will open your dedicated support account in Basecamp.

To raise a Support Ticket, click on ‘Add a to-do‘.

Enter the title for your query in ‘Describe this to-do…’

Then click in the field called ‘Assigned to‘ and type ‘R‘ for Ricardo Viegas your personal support executive.

Now you can request to be notified when the task is completed by clicking on ‘When done, notify’ and start typing your name. It will appear and then you can select it.

Then set the date that you need the request by in ‘Due on‘ – ‘A specific day‘.

In ‘Notes’ you can add more details and attach any files needed.

To assign the ticket click the blue button ‘Add this to-do‘.

Tasks are assigned to individuals and they have a new assignment list each day to work through. If any of the steps above are not completed the request may be missed as it will not show up on their assignments list.

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