How to add a video to your PLATO School Website

Mar 8, 2023 | 2. The Basics

How to log in to your PLATO School Website CMS.

Step 1.

On any page of your website scroll down to the footer of the page and click “ADMIN LOGIN”

Step 2.

When the login screen appears enter your username (can be your email address) and password. If you do not have these yet you can request them from your project manager at Blue Apple Education –

Quick and easy steps to add videos to your PLATO website!

It is recommended that all videos are uploaded to a streaming platform like Youtube or Vimeo due to performance and simplicity of content.

Step 1.

You can add Video modules by clicking the gray + (plus) icon on rows or below existing modules.

Step 2.

In Video module click the first panel, Video MP4 or Youtube URL

Step 3.

Select Insert from URL

Step 4.

Copy the youtube or vimeo link (the public url)

Step 5.

Paste the video URL in the Insert from URL field, the video should appear, Vimeo will display an error but after publishing will show the video. Press Insert into page.

Step 6.

Click the green button to save the changes and update/save your page.

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